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Buho Cleaner -Best mac cleaner

Why Do I Need BuhoCleaner

BuhoCleaner is one of the best Mac cleaners which helps boost your Mac’s performance by removing all the junk that’s consuming your precious disk space. It helps get rid of junk files like user and system cache files, browser cache, unused DMG files, etc. It also lets you remove apps completely that you no longer use along with large and duplicate files.

The Mac cleanup tool comprehensively cleans up your Mac and helps boost its performance. To begin with, it has a “Flash Clean” feature that quickly finds junk in the form of Xcode junk, System cache and logs files, user cache and log files, browser cache, and trash can.

Then comes the App uninstaller module which helps you analyze the apps that you no longer use or have used only once. You can remove such apps in totality and regain precious disk space.

One of the important tasks when cleaning up Mac is to identify large files because they take up huge storage space. BuhoCleaner for Mac streamlines the task for you by enlisting all the large files above 50 MB. It has an inbuilt disk space analysis feature that makes it easy for you easily track the largest files and folders residing on your Mac.

BuhoCleaner also has duplicate files and folders cleaner that helps you scan and remove duplicate files and folders. Side by side, it even keeps you updated on how much space you will be able to save after deleting duplicates.

Last but not the least, BuhoCleaner lets you gain a complete grip of all those apps and services that pop up every time your Mac starts. It helps you remove all those startup items which are deteriorating your Mac’s performance.