DiskDoctor For Mac Review


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DiskDoctor For Mac Review

Why Do I Need DiskDoctor?

With robust scanning and in-depth cleaning, this advanced mac cleaner can remove a lot of unwanted items from your Mac and recover a significant amount of hard disk space.

The tool can unclog application caches, logs files, residual files of uninstalled apps that take up space.

Your browser stores content from webpages so that the websites can be accessed fast. However, outdated caches hog space. Therefore eliminating caches, temp files frees up significant space on your Mac.

Your iTunes stores temp caches and files to update and manage iOS devices. Also, a lot of space is taken by software updates and iOS backups. The tool removes them to clear valuable disk space.

The tool scans files larger than 100 MB and provides a preview to choose which one to keep or delete. It also suggests .dmg and .pkg files used for macOS software installers to remove.

Partial downloads can be identified and removed as they are files that have not been successfully downloaded due to either being paused or cancelled.