Drive Genius

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Why Do I Need ‘Drive Genius’?

Drive Genius is an intelligent Mac monitoring tool that provides you control over computer drives and even finds out problems automatically. It not only detects the corruption in formatted drives but also repairs the errors to avoid data loss. At the same time, Drive Genius makes sure that malware is searched through files and downloads, manually or automatically, to keep privacy intact.

The malware database is regularly updated to protect Mac against newly discovered malware. A feature called ‘Instant DrivePlus’ can detect hardware-related issues so that further action can be taken.

Repatriation allows one to manage partitions in the hard drive with expanding and shrinking, without worrying about data loss. Cleaning of duplicates and large unused files is something we all want from monitoring and optimization software. Another important feature is cloning as it determines the drive configuration, duplicates them, and copies the data efficiently.

It comes with different price slabs; one can find a Standard license ($79) and a Professional license ($299). Strong customer support with live chat and email support is what makes Drive Genius a demanding software.