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MacFly Pro

Why Do I Need MacFly Pro?

Cleaning and optimizing your Mac manually can be a cumbersome task as it includes cleaning cache, removing duplicates, old downloads, and other junk files. Therefore you need a mac cleaning application. One of the best cleaner software for Mac, MacFly Pro comes with multiple features that suffice to maintain your Mac’s health.

This mac cleaning tool can remove junk files, residual files, delete mail attachments and more to recover space on your computer. The software can also reduce memory usage for the apps installed with just a click.

If duplicates files are accumulated on your Mac, sifting through manually doesn’t seem to be an option, then MacFly Pro can find and remove duplicates files on Mac. It can find large files whether it is a document, archived files or media files.

Want to delete files permanently without leaving a single trace behind, the Shredder feature of MacFly Pro removes a file permanently. The app can also remove private and confidential data from web browsers.