Memory Cleaner

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Why Do I Need Memory Cleaner?

Cleaning and optimizing your Mac can be a troublesome task if done manually. Therefore, it is imperative to get an excellent Mac cleaning utility such as Memory Cleaner. This mac cleaner scans and removes junk files, duplicates, applications, and large & old files.

This cleaner for Mac monitors memory usage and cleans up Mac’s memory, speeding up the computer’s performance. The cleaning application observes RAM usage and allows you to manage memory usage in a single click.

Memory Cleaner comes with an animated status icon in the menu bar, displaying the percentage of memory used by your computer. With the Memory free up function, you can check the date and size of the latest memory clean-up.

This Mac cleaning utility comes with Automatic mode, which enables you to clear inactive RAM automatically. All you need to do is set time and memory usage percentage to be cleaned. Moreover, Memory Cleaner removes RAM caches, which makes memory reallocation to new apps faster.