OS Cleaner Master

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OS Cleaner Pro - Disk Cleaner

Why Do I Need An OS Cleaner Master?

We all seek smart tools inside our Mac, keeping its functions running smoothly and cleans the junk timely. Yes, it could all be done manually but giving so much time now and then might not be feasible for most of us. This is why OS Cleaner Master could do this job for us without disturbing us.

OS Cleaner Master can scan out every inch of your system, which in turn removes cache files, log files, remains of already deleted files, and broken login items. These files do nothing but scatter around in the system and cover precious space. When removed, this space could be used to keep necessities. Not just this, it also cleans out copies of email attachments, duplicate files, large and old files.

Other Utilities that keep a check on your system’s health include Privacy where your chat history from Messages, browsing history, and terminal command history is removed. The File Manager allows users to locate and list archives, movies, audios, gifs, and office documents. Just like File Manager, the Download Manager also does the same work for the Downloads section. All the empty folders are trashed off to keep the system naturally clean.