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Why Do I Need Sensei?

Keeping your Mac from getting damaged physically is not the only thing to do to protect your computer. You must also monitor its performance to manage overall health. Some of the things can be kept in check manually, but you must have an expert tool handy if you want to know about the intricacies.

One such performance booster and cleaner application is Sensei. Whether it is cleaning disk, showcasing thermal and performance dashboards, detailed battery health report, or GPU monitoring, Sensei has it all.

If we talk about basic cleaning, the Mac cleaner app can scour and remove junk files without touching personal files with ease. You can get an overview of all internal and external drives connected to the system and the detailed info.

Uninstalling an app is easier than dragging it to Trash on Mac when using Sensei as it also takes care of leftover files. You can view the specifications of the internal or external GPU to monitor its performance in real-time.