AVG TuneUp For Mac Review

AVG TuneUp For Mac

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AVG TuneUp For Mac Review

Why Do I Need AVG TuneUp For Mac?

AVG Tuneup is a mac optimizer which comes in handy when you have low disk space on your computer. It comes with duplicate finder and hard drive cleaner.

It can quickly declutter your Mac by removing cache files of app, browser, Photos, and videos. It clears log files, downloaded file history, residual files of uninstalled apps, trash contents and more.

To recover significant disk space and provide organized Mac, it scans and deletes duplicate images, documents, videos and music.

Before deleting any files from your Mac, it gives you a preview of files being hogging space and enables you to delete or keep certain files. You must perform all the operations precisely as there is no way to reverse the action.

The tool comes helps you manage your photo library as it finds blurry or low-quality images for you to decide whether you want to keep them or not. Also, it detects the best shot from similar photos or burst mode to eliminate the rest.

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One of the biggest advantages of using AVG cleaner is that it comes with AVG protection, which is specifically developed to enhance the performance of your PC.