Best File Shredder For Mac in 2024

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You probably have heard that moving files to trash doesn’t mean they are permanently deleted. Therefore, if you are looking to delete files on Mac securely, this post is for you.

In this article, we will discuss the file shredder software for Mac. Using these permanent erasers, you can stop anyone from recovering deleted sensitive information from Mac.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin discussing the best permanent erasers for Mac.

Best File Shredder Software for Mac – 2024

1. CleanMyMac X Shredder

Price: $34.95 | macOS Compatibility: macOS 10.10 and above | Last Updated/ Latest Version: May 09, 2022  (Version 4.10.6)

CleanMyMac X Shredder

Download Here

This one is an all-in-one app offered by MacPaw; it helps wipe data entirely and lets you optimize Mac. Using this file shredder software for Mac, you can overwrite data and then discard the files completely. The file shredder app for Mac also helps recover storage space, clean junk files, and do a smart cleanup. This helps keep Mac’s performance to the best of its capabilities.


  • Erase unwanted files and folders quickly and securely.
  • Remove files locked by processes in an error-free manner.
  • Delete files in a way that they become irrecoverable.


  • Easy to use.
  • Files with suspected malware are also removed.
  • Files can be shredded so that they can’t be removed.


  • Shredded missing in CleanMyMac X store in Mac App Store.

2. Stellar BitRaser File Eraser

Price: $29.99 | macOS Compatibility: macOS 10.9 and above | Last Updated/ Latest Version: NA

Stellar BitRaser File Eraser

Download Here

Third, on our list of best file shredders for Mac is Stellar BitRaser File Eraser. This software for Mac helps delete files permanently and recover storage space. To achieve this, the software uses a robust wiping algorithm and makes sure the file is deleted so that it is unrecoverable. Anyone, even a novice, can use this app and wipe recent file history, privacy exposing traces, and much more. Furthermore, you can delete a specific file or a complete folder permanently. It also comes with a scheduler that helps run file shredder modules on Mac at a predefined time.

Stellar BitRaser File Eraser is a utility for Mac that can help you wipe all kinds of files such as documents, images, audio files, PDFs, emails and many others regardless of the Mac device you have (e.g., Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook Air, etc.).


  • 17 global standards to erase files.
  • Schedule file erasing tasks at desired intervals.
  • Erase browser cookies and history, which may help hackers and poking advertisers track your digital behavior.


  • Once data is destroyed using this tool, it can’t be recovered.
  • Reports of the erasure tasks can be generated.
  • Securely wipe unused disk space on Mac and replace it with random values selected by the tool’s data erasure algorithm.


  • Free version not available.

3. MacClean’s File Eraser

Price: Free. Then, $19.99 | macOS Compatibility: macOS 10.7 and above | Last Updated/ Latest Version: V3.6.0 20190926

MacClean’s File Eraser

Download Here

Mac Clean, as the name explains, is one of the impressive Mac cleaner tools. Available for free, this fast and secure best file shredder for Mac deletes files so thoroughly that no recovery software can retrieve them. It also helps clean the hard drive and remove all the junk files. Nonetheless, the app allows clean cache and cookies, the reason behind hackers being able to access our data. Using its File Eraser module under Cleanup Tools, you can securely delete personal data and keep it out from the reach of hackers.


  • Remove offline/ outdated files that may expose your privacy.
  • Multiple erasure modes – Standard, Safe, and Top Security.
  • All major file formats are supported.


  • Simply drag and drop multiple files to erase them.
  • Multiple erasure modes.
  • Easy to use interface.


  • The free version doesn’t let you erase files

4. Mac Optimizer Pro’s File Shredder

Price: Free and paid| macOS Compatibility: 10.6 and higher| Last Updated/ Latest Version: NA

Mac Optimizer Pro’s File Shredder

Download Here

Like all the other apps, Mac Optimizer Pro is a multipurpose and fantastic file shredder app for Mac.  Using its file shredder module, you can securely delete files on Mac and overwrite data. Once you use the app to permanently erase deleted files, recovering them using any recovery software becomes impossible. This makes it the best file shredder for Mac.


  • Military-grade data shredder.
  • Once deleted files become irrecoverable using any other tool.
  • Multiple overwrite technology.


  • Make files irrecoverable.
  • Free up disk space.
  • Safeguard privacy.


  • Unallocated disk space is not utilized well.

5. File Shredder

Price: Free | macOS Compatibility: macOS 10.6 and above| Last Updated/ Latest Version: 2.50

File Shredder

Download Here

Want to delete data and make it unrecoverable permanently? Well, then what are you waiting for to use the File Shredder app for it. To use this best permanent eraser app, launch the app > drag the files you want to erase permanently. It’s not like you can delete data from only the hard disk. Using this permanent file removal tool, you can delete data from a USB drive, external driver, and other storage media. This tool offers two options:

  • Shred and
  • Secure Shred

The only difference between both is that files deleted using Secure Shred cannot be recovered as the data on the disk is overwritten. For this, it uses a secure algorithm. You can choose from any of the four algorithms in preferences:

  • Secure Shred: 1 pass (fastest),
  • Three passes (DoE standard),
  • 7 passes (DoD standard),
  • or 35 passes (Gutmann deletion, safest) to shred data.


  • Free under GNU license.
  • 5 different shredding algorithms.
  • Integrated disk wiper to remove unused disk space.


  • Multiple shredding algorithms, each one stronger than the other.
  • Facility to remove unused disk space.
  • Lightweight- It doesn’t consume much of your Mac’s resources.


  • Slightly dated interface.

6. Edenwaith Permanent Eraser

Price: Free | macOS Compatibility: macOS 10.6 and above | Last Updated/ Latest Version: 18th July 2020 (Version 2.9.1)

Permanent Eraser

Permanent Eraser needs no introduction using various techniques like  3-pass DoE or 35-pass Gutmann algorithms; this best file shredder tool overwrites data several times, making it unrecoverable from all data addresses. Once the information is wiped, you cannot recover the item. Most importantly, the tool is available for free.


  • Wiping methods such as 3-pass DoE and 35-pass Gutmann algorithms used.
  • Bonus Automator actions.
  • Drag Permanent Eraser on your Finder’s toolbar and needn’t clutter the dock.


  • Data overwritten multiple times, file name scrambled, and file size reduced to nothing.
  • The progress meter is more accurate than ever.
  • CD/ DVD erasing.


  • Lack some file shredding features that you may find in other competitors.

7. ShredIt X

Price: Free. Then, $24.95 | macOS Compatibility: macOS 10.10 and above | Last Updated/ Latest Version: September 28, 2021 (Version 6.4.0)

ShredIt X

ShredIt is one of the best permanent erasers for Mac. It deletes files from your hard disk and makes them irrecoverable, which helps secure data. The app is user-friendly. It uses Gutnann, DoE, DoD, NSA standard for shredding files. Moreover, the inbuilt confirmation feature for shredding files is the best. The permanent eraser is compatible with both Windows and Mac.


  • You can choose how many times you want to overwrite the data.
  • It can even securely shred files from SSD as well.
  • Shred unused disk space.


  • Safety features ensure you don’t accidentally erase the right files.
  • Choose between 1 and 35 erasures.
  • Functionality to erase DVDs and CDs as well.


  • Can’t shred files with the free version.

8. DoYourData Super Eraser For Mac

Price: Free. Then, $19/ year | macOS Compatibility: macOS 10.7 | Last Updated/ Latest Version: March 16, 2022 (Version 7.3)

DoYourData Super Eraser For Mac

Download Here

DoYourData is one of the easy to use permanent erasers for Mac. The app helps remove data altogether in three simple steps and makes all your confidential data unrecoverable.


  • Disk wiper doesn’t just wipe off data from your Mac, but it can wipe data from SSD, USB, HDD, memory card, you name it.
  • Permanently erase unused disk space.
  • Uninstaller, disk manager, and internet cleanup tool integrated into one


  • Select files and folders you want to erase.
  • Data erasure standards such as HMG Infosec Standard 5, Gutmann’s algorithm 35, DoD 5220.22-M ECE, and U.S. Army AR380-19 are used. This means data is overwritten several times.
  • With this tool, you can shred all kinds of files – documents, audio files, emails, archives, etc.


  • Can’t erase files with the free version

With this, the comprehensive list of the best file shredder software for Mac comes to an end. Pick any one of your choices and delete important files permanently without leaving the chances of recovering data. Let us know which one file shredder software you picked and why.

FAQs: Best File Shredder For Mac

What is the best file shredder software?

The best & trusted file shredder software that you can use on your Mac machine is TuneUpMyMac. This app, alongside offering Shredder utility, also provides various other options to clean and optimize Mac. That app is perfect for those who want to recover space and boost the performance of their Mac.

How do you shred files on a Mac?

To permanently erase files on Mac, download and install TuneUpMyMac. Once installed, launch the application. Now click the Shredder option present in the left pane and securely delete files using Mac’s best permanent eraser.

How do you make sure deleted files can't be recovered on Mac?

To permanently delete files from Mac so that they cannot be recovered, launch TuneUpMyMac. Click Shredder > drag & drop files and folders that you want to delete permanently. This way, you can shred files without Emptying Trash. That’s it.

Does file shredder work?

Yes, they do; file shredders overwrite the files before they are deleted. To attain this, File shredder tools use different erasing techniques. Once you have used the shredder to confirm if the file is recoverable or not, you can try using any of the best file recovery tools for Mac.

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