ccleaner for mac review

CCleaner For Mac

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ccleaner for mac review

Why Do I Need CCleaner For Mac?

To enhance the performance of your Mac, you need to declutter your device from time to time. You can’t do it manually as it can be exhausting, Therefore you need a Mac optimizing app to clean up the act.

CCleaner for Mac is one of the best apps to clean Mac which scans your computer to remove all types of files which are responsible to slow your Mac effectively. The app helps you get rid of broken system permissions, temporary files, junk files, and other issues.

CCleaner deletes browsing history and temporary internet files, therefore, allowing you to browse the Internet with privacy and less probability of identity theft.

CCleaner eliminates unwanted files to recover significant space on your hard disk. The app can repair permissions, stop the background process from starting, uninstall software and more.

You can remove leftover files of an app that you deleted earlier, to recover space on your hard disk.

Once you have deleted files using CCleaner, with secure deletion the tool makes sure that the files can’t be recovered easily. The feature, secure deletion comes with three options:

A Simple Overwrite (1 pass), Medium Overwrite (7 passes), and a Complex Overwrite (35 passes). A pass means the time CCleaner takes to write over the spot on a hard drive.