Daisy Disk Cleaner Review

Daisy Disk Cleaner

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Daisy Disk Cleaner Review

Why Do I Need DaisyDisk Cleaner?

DaisyDisk Cleaner is a mac cleaner app which helps you recover a humongous amount of disk space in a few clicks. It enables you to visualize the disk space used and therefore points out which files have taken the large amount of space.

Once identified the old and unwanted files, you can drag and drop the files to remove them. Mac divides your storage space in various categories such as Photos, Mails, Messages, and Others. The app allows you to view the files categorized as Others so that you can decide which files you need to keep or delete. This advanced mac cleaner removes large unnecessary files to retrieve disk space.

This mac optimizer comes with fast scanning, which means it can analyze your whole startup disk in a few minutes. With its integrated QuickLook, previewing file content becomes easy. The app has the capability of scanning multiple disks without slowing down the process. DaisyDisk provides real-time information related to the mounted disks.

With the preference tab, it allows users to add the tool to the Full Disk Access list in System Preferences.