OnyX For Mac Review


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OnyX For Mac Review

Why Do I Need OnyX?

OnyX is a Mac cleaner which enables you to verify the startup disk and the structure of the system files. In this way, you can run cleaning and maintenance tasks, delete caches, rebuild databases & indexes, configure parameters in Dock, Finder, Safari and other native Apple apps.

With this mac optimizer, cleaning your mac becomes easy. It allows you to run a system script manually. The tool comes with additional apps including Screen Sharing, Storage management, Network diagnostics & utility, to enhance the user experience.

With Screen sharing, you can view and control the screen of another computer on your network. Network Utility provides information & troubleshooting tools to help you with your network.

It verifies your S.M.A.R.T status of your disk to avoid system failure. It can efficiently remove useless files including user, system, and fonts.

It also helps in managing space on your disk but force emptying Trash, other system caches. It can also repair disk permissions. It also removes duplicate files, be it videos, audios, apps, images, which helps you organize your system’s disk space. Also, it comes with a secure file shredder to delete files for good.