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Buho Cleaner -Best mac cleaner

Why Do I Need BuhoCleaner

BuhoCleaner is one of the best Mac cleaners which helps boost your Mac’s performance by removing all the junk that’s consuming your precious disk space. It helps get rid of junk files like user and system cache files, browser cache, unused DMG files, etc. It also lets you remove apps completely that you no longer use along with large and duplicate files.

The Mac cleanup tool comprehensively cleans up your Mac and helps boost its performance. To begin with, it has a “Flash Clean” feature that quickly finds junk in the form of Xcode junk, System cache and logs files, user cache and log files, browser cache, and trash can.

Then comes the App uninstaller module which helps you analyze the apps that you no longer use or have used only once. You can remove such apps in totality and regain precious disk space.

One of the important tasks when cleaning up Mac is to identify large files because they take up huge storage space. BuhoCleaner for Mac streamlines the task for you by enlisting all the large files above 50 MB. It has an inbuilt disk space analysis feature that makes it easy for you easily track the largest files and folders residing on your Mac.

BuhoCleaner also has duplicate files and folders cleaner that helps you scan and remove duplicate files and folders. Side by side, it even keeps you updated on how much space you will be able to save after deleting duplicates.

Last but not the least, BuhoCleaner lets you gain a complete grip of all those apps and services that pop up every time your Mac starts. It helps you remove all those startup items which are deteriorating your Mac’s performance.

Nektony MacCleaner Pro

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Why Do I Need Nektony MacCleaner Pro?

If you are wondering how to keep your Mac healthy and clutter-free, Nektony is the answer you are looking for. Yes, you can choose to clean your system manually but have you ever thought about the time and energy consumed during the process? It’s intense!

This Mac optimizer is all you need to not only optimize the system but also improve its efficiency. It happens because you can get rid of junk, unnecessary apps, duplicate files, and memory-hogging files.

With its smart disk space analyzer, you can take note of the files and documents covering space in the system and make plans for new downloads accordingly.

Moreover, control startup programs at your pace, remove internet plugins present in the computer as well as reindex spotlight and disable browser extensions, making it one of the best apps to clean Mac.


Tweak & Tuneup

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Why do I need Tweak and Tuneup?

Every Mac user wants their machine to be optimized so that the performance of system and space optimization could be made properly. For the same, a one-click cleaning tool can do all the wonders in no time. This one single application possesses multiple tools within it so that power of the Mac is sustained and maintained.

The one-click cleaning feature offers four essential cleaning tools which help in cleaning cache, logs, crash reports, and partially downloaded files. This helps you save gigabytes of space very smoothly. Tweak and Tuneup is capable of detecting all those files and folders which gather space unnecessarily.

Optimization can be easily seen with this tool as applications could be uninstalled with an easy drag and drop feature. Moreover, get your internet privacy protected and clean miscellaneous data like large files or trash.

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Cleanup My System

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Cleanup My System

Why Do I Need Cleanup My System?

Optimizing your computer is important to keep your Mac up and running. Doing that manually is time taking, therefore, you need to take help from a third-party app. One such cleaning app for Mac is Cleanup My System.

This optimizer for Mac can tune up your computer in no time and improve its performance. With this app on your computer, you don’t have to worry about login items slowing down your computer.

With its uninstall manager, you can remove any third-party app along with its associated files without any hassle. Locating large files on your computer becomes easy with Cleanup My System. The app easily locates large and old files to help you declutter.

The Disk Analyzer module scans your computer to show you what’s taking space on your Mac. It shows you the disk usage stats in graphical form to see the storage space used by different files. Also, this app comes with an identity protector module. This module helps you secure and delete your digital footprints.


OS Cleaner Master

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OS Cleaner Pro - Disk Cleaner

Why Do I Need An OS Cleaner Master?

We all seek smart tools inside our Mac, keeping its functions running smoothly and cleans the junk timely. Yes, it could all be done manually but giving so much time now and then might not be feasible for most of us. This is why OS Cleaner Master could do this job for us without disturbing us.

OS Cleaner Master can scan out every inch of your system, which in turn removes cache files, log files, remains of already deleted files, and broken login items. These files do nothing but scatter around in the system and cover precious space. When removed, this space could be used to keep necessities. Not just this, it also cleans out copies of email attachments, duplicate files, large and old files.

Other Utilities that keep a check on your system’s health include Privacy where your chat history from Messages, browsing history, and terminal command history is removed. The File Manager allows users to locate and list archives, movies, audios, gifs, and office documents. Just like File Manager, the Download Manager also does the same work for the Downloads section. All the empty folders are trashed off to keep the system naturally clean.


Drive Genius

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Why Do I Need ‘Drive Genius’?

Drive Genius is an intelligent Mac monitoring tool that provides you control over computer drives and even finds out problems automatically. It not only detects the corruption in formatted drives but also repairs the errors to avoid data loss. At the same time, Drive Genius makes sure that malware is searched through files and downloads, manually or automatically, to keep privacy intact.

The malware database is regularly updated to protect Mac against newly discovered malware. A feature called ‘Instant DrivePlus’ can detect hardware-related issues so that further action can be taken.

Repatriation allows one to manage partitions in the hard drive with expanding and shrinking, without worrying about data loss. Cleaning of duplicates and large unused files is something we all want from monitoring and optimization software. Another important feature is cloning as it determines the drive configuration, duplicates them, and copies the data efficiently.

It comes with different price slabs; one can find a Standard license ($79) and a Professional license ($299). Strong customer support with live chat and email support is what makes Drive Genius a demanding software.