10 Best Image Resizing App For Mac in 2024

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Image Resizing tools for Mac are easy to find. After all, resizing photos is not something that is not possible. Any software can help do it. But sometimes finding these, basic software becomes difficult. Hence, we bring a comprehensive list of the best image resizing apps to reduce photos size on Mac. All the apps listed below can do a lot more than the basic size reduction of a photo.

So, without any further delay, let’s know more about these apps.

10 Best Image Resizer Tools for Mac 2024

1. Image Resizer

Image Resizer - Mac

Developer:  Tweaking Technologies
Price: $4.99
Compatibility: Windows & Mac

As the name explains, Image Resizer is the best and excellent tool that offers batch image resizing.  Regardless of the format using this tool, you can adjust image height, width or use the predefined dimensions. To use it without sacrificing image quality, drag and drop the image and resize it to any proportion. This image reduction tool works wonders and even lets you save your presets to use them in the future.


  • Re-adjust incorrect image orientation
  • Reduce image size for a batch of photos
  • Convert image to the format of your choice
  • Save resized images on a different path and with a different name.

2. BatchPhoto

batchphoto pro

Download From Here 

Developer: Bits&Coffee
Price: Starting price $29.95
Compatibility: Mac

This amazing tool is designed to make batch editing simple. It allows size reduction of images in bulk. If you need a time/date stamp, convert an image, make some basic editing, etc., you can do all that with BatchPhoto. Moreover, it updates the folder in real-time with new photos, making image editing, and resizing easy.


  • Crop to a predefined aspect ratio
  • Upload photos directly to FTP, Flicker, Facebook
  • Resize and rename a batch of photos
  • Watermark images

3. JPEGmini


Download From Here 

Developer: Beamr Imaging Ltd
Price: Starts $19
Compatibility: Mac

The tagline rightly reads resize the image, not quality. Using JPEGmini, you can reduce picture size without compromising with the quality or changing any image aspect. You can upload Hi-resolution photos, save tons, and improve the custom viewing experience. This tool reduces the file size of pictures to up to 80%, which is good compared with other image resizers for Mac.


  • Reduce image size without compromising quality
  • Faster image file reduction
  • Allows uploading hi-resolution images
  • Reduces image size to up to 80%

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4. PhotoSize


Download From Here

Developer: Bits&Coffee
Price: Online
Compatibility: Mac

If you don’t feel like installing an image resizing tool on Mac, no worries, use this online tool and resize images quickly. The free size reduction tool is quite simple to use and is structured in three steps: add images > apply to resize filters > choose image format and destination folder. Using it, you can resize and convert images in bulk.


  • Crop, rotate, and convert image format.
  • Reduce image size quickly
  • Online photo size reduction tool
  • Convert image format

5. Resize Sense

Resize Sense

Download From Here

Developer: VeprIT
Price: $ 19.99
Compatibility: Mac

Resize Sense is a great batch image resizing tool. Using it in no time, you can resize, crop, straighten, rotate, flip pictures. This unique resizing tool helps resize hundreds of images in different sizes and save in various formats. However, you do not need to perform complex automation to enjoy unique flexibility.


  • Resize, crop rotate, rename images
  • Save and reuse custom dimensions
  • Flexible batch photos editor
  • Edit metadata and resize images

6. PhotoBulk


Download From Here 

Developer: Eltima IBC
Price: $9.99
Compatibility: Mac

Take full control of your image editing with PhotoBulk. This dynamic photo editor and image resizing tool lets you reduce image size without compromising quality. Moreover, its sleek dark interface is aimed to provide efficient photo management and editing process.


  • Easy to use image resizer
  • High-level image editor
  • Rotate, scale, and move the image
  • Bulk image resizer

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7. Movavi Photo Manager

Movavi Photo Manager

Download From Here

Developer: Movavi Software
Price: $ 12.99
Compatibility:  Mac

It’s not a classic image resizer, yet it offers the feature to resize images. Moreover, you can flip, rotate, enhance images, and do a lot more using this powerful photo editor. At the same time, you can select from multiple presets and resize images in no time. If you add a geotag when a picture is taken, the app detects it, thereby allowing the metadata editing tool.


  • Batch photo editor
  • Rotate, crop, and level horizon
  • Enhance image, rename batch photos
  • Resize bulk photos

8. Tweak Photos

Tweak Photos

Developer: Systweak Software
Price: $4.99
Compatibility: Mac

Everybody loves to capture their moments, but when they are not picture-perfect, we feel sorry. So, stop feeling sad and bring out the artist in you. Use Tweak Photos to edit a batch of photos and add effects to them. Moreover, using it, you can resize an entire batch of photos, auto-correct orientation, change the texture, stylize, add watermark, and do a lot more. This best image resize tool is an all in one image reduction and editing tool.


Batch renaming and file format conversion

  • Multiple layer management
  • 50+ powerful editing tools
  • Denoise photos in a single click

9. BeFunky


Download From Here

Developer: BeFunky Inc
Price: Free
Compatibility: Online Tool

This one is an online image editing software that lets you create graphic designs, make photos collages, resize images, and do a lot more. Using this all-in-one creative solution, you can crop images, reduce their size with pixel-perfect accuracy. Moreover, you can do batch processing, enhance multiple photos at the same time.


  • Design templates and customize them easily
  • High-quality free stock images
  • Batch image resizing and editing
  • Background removal tool

10. FastStone Photo Resizer

FastStone Photo Resizer

Download From Here

Developer: FastStone Soft
Price: Free for Home Users
Compatibility: Mac & Windows

FastStone Photo Resizer is one of the best image resizing apps for Mac. Using this powerful image resizer, you can convert, rename, resize, crop, rotate, and do a lot more to a batch of photos. To use it simply drag and drop the pictures you want to resize and perform the action.


  • Support multithreading, all image formats including FAX, JFIF, and others
  • Preview files
  • Search and replace text in filename
  • Allows resizing, changing color depth, apply color effects, add text, watermark, and more

Tada! With this, we come to the end of the list of best image resizer tools for Mac. Using any of the tools you without any problem in without wasting any time, you resize images and edit them the way you want. Our favorite pick is ImageResizer offered by Tweaking Technologies. This nifty tool is simply amazing; it is an all-rounder tool that fits all your image editing needs. We hope you find the list useful and will give these tools a try. Do let us know which one you picked and why in the comments section.

FAQs: Best Image Resizing App For Mac

How do I resize a photo on my Mac without losing quality?

To resize image size on Mac without losing the quality, you can use the best image resizing app known as Image Resizer. Using it in no time, you can reduce the image size of an individual and batch of photos. In addition to this, if you want to know about other tools, check the list of best Image Resizer Tools for Mac.

Is there an app for resizing pictures?

There are several apps available using which pictures can be resized. The most popular amongst them that Mac users can use is Image Resizer. This nifty photo and picture resizer app allow batch image resizing and offers various features.

What's the best app for resizing photos?

How do I reduce the size of multiple pictures on a Mac?

To reduce the size of multiple pictures, download, install, and launch Image Resizer. Drag and Drop the photos to edit, select from presets or customize dimensions, rotate, flip if required, choose the output format, and process the images. That’s it. In a few simple steps, you can resize multiple photos on Mac.

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