How To Upgrade RAM on Macbook Pro

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How to upgrade RAM on Mac
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Mac Performing Slow
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So, whenever your device starts performing slowly, upgrading the RAM is the first thing that crosses your mind, right? If your Mac has become less responsive over time and if your device spends an unusually long time loading applications, you can consider upgrading the RAM. In this post, we will be learning about how to upgrade RAM on a MacBook.

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What is RAM and Why Should You Upgrade RAM?

Why Should You upgrade RAM

RAM (Random Access Memory) is one of the most crucial elements of any OS. It is basically a temporary memory that stores information that is easily accessible to the processor. Whenever your Mac is running on a high CPU usage or when applications are demanding higher capacity of RAM storage that your Mac can provide, your device may crash or start responding slowly. The more RAM available on your device, the better your Mac will perform. So, in this case, upgrading your Mac’s RAM can serve as one of the most obvious and effective solutions to gain back the lost glory of your system.

How to Know if your MacBook Pro RAM Needs an Upgrade?

Check if your Mac needs a RAM upgrade? How to check whether your Mac has enough RAM storage capacity? We’ve got you covered. Here’s how you can check the RAM specifications of your MacBook.

1. Launch the Spotlight search, search for “Activity Monitor” and hit the Return key.

2. In the Activity Monitor window, switch to the “Memory” tab.

Activity Monitor

Now, review and analyse the “Memory Pressure” graph placed at the bottom. If the graph depicts a green colour then it indicates that your system has enough RAM. However, if you see a red colour on the graph, it means that your Mac’s RAM is under strain and an upgrade might be helpful for your device to run smoothly.

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How to Check for Available RAM Slots?

Before you decide upon upgrading your MacBook’s RAM, here’s how you can check for available RAM slots on your device. If your Mac already has some free slots, you might be in luck.

1. Tap on the Apple icon placed on the top menu bar, and select “About this Mac”. Tap on “System Report”.

2. The System Information window will now appear on the screen. Switch to the “Memory” tab from the left menu pane.

Memory Space

Here you will be able to view the exact information of the current RAM modules installed on your device.

How to Upgrade RAM on MacBook Pro?

Follow these quick steps to begin the MacBook Pro RAM upgrade process:

Upgrade RAM on mac
Image source: Apple Support
  • Turn off your device, and disconnect all the external devices and peripherals.
  • Turn your Mac upside down and then remove the bottom screws to open the lid case.
  • The MacBook Pro memory slot is placed right above the battery.
  • Push the levers on the side to pull up the RAM. Once the RAM stick rises up, you can easily remove the RAM module from the memory slot.
  • Gently insert the new RAM in the memory slot. Lock back the side levers to keep them in one place.
  • After inserting the RAM, put back the lid case, and screw it tightly.

And that’s it! Power ON your Mac, tap on the Apple icon placed on the top menu bar, and select “About this Mac”, review the info to check if the new RAM has been installed correctly.

Mac Running Slow After RAM Upgrade?

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Cleanup My System can be the one-stop solution to optimise your Mac and add more years to its life.

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This wraps up our guide on how to upgrade RAM on MacBook Pro. We hope our post helped you successfully install the new RAM to your device. Upgrading the RAM can significantly boost your Mac’s speed and performance to get the best of macOS.

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