Best Ways to Lock Your Mac Screen

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Best Ways to Lock Your Mac Screen

Looking for the best ways to lock Mac screen? You’ve come to the right place. In this post, we have listed a complete guide on how to lock Mac using different methods.

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5 Best Ways to Lock Mac Screen Like a Pro!

Lock Mac Screen
Image source: Apple Support

Yes, there are a variety of ways to lock your Mac’s screen and put your device to sleep. Once you lock your Mac, you will need to enter the login password or unlock it with a Touch ID or Touch Bar.

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How to Set Up a Password for the Lock Screen

In case you haven’t already set up a password for the lock screen, here’s how you can do so:

1. Tap the Apple icon on the top menu bar and select “System Preferences.”

2. Select “Security and Privacy.”

Mac Security and privacy

3. Now, switch to the “General” tab. Check the “Require Password” option to enable a lock screen password on your Mac. Use the drop-down menu to set the duration and you’re all set!

4. So, whenever your Mac is locked or goes into sleep mode automatically, you will need to enter a lock-screen password to log in.

How to Lock your Mac Screen?

Simply shutting down your Mac’s lid puts it into sleep mode. However, there are some other methods to lock the Mac screen.

1. Use the Apple Menu

One of the simplest methods to lock your Mac is the Apple menu. Tap on the Apple icon placed on the top menu bar and select “Sleep.” Once you tap “Sleep,” you will see the login screen. To unlock your Mac, you must enter the lock-screen password.

2. The Keyboard Shortcuts

Well, yes, you can even use the keyboard shortcuts to lock your Mac instantly. If you are using a Mac device of the latest generation, you can even use a Mac lock screen shortcut to get the job done.

Keyboard Shortcut - Lock Screen

Press the Command + Control + Q key combination to lock your Mac. Alternatively, you can also tap on the Apple icon placed on the top menu bar and select “Lock Screen.”

3. Set up a Hot Corner

Hot corner is a useful feature on the macOS that makes you more productive. It allows you to drag your mouse to any corner of your Mac’s screen to initiate a specific action. So, yes, you can also enable the “Lock Screen” gesture on any corner and use it to lock your device instantly. Here’s what you need to do:

Tap on the Apple icon and select “System Preferences.”

Active Screen Capture

Select “Desktop and Screen saver pane.” Tap on the “Hot Corners” option placed at the bottom. Now, pick your preferred corner and select the “Start Screen Saver” option from the drop-down menu.

4. Use the Fast User Switching

The “Fast User Switching” method can also lock the Mac screen. This feature is intended to switch between multiple user accounts. But in our case, we will be using it to redirect Mac to the login screen. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Launch the System Preferences window and select “Users and Groups.” Tap on the padlock icon placed at the bottom and then type the password. Select “Login Options.”

2. Check the “Show fast user switching menu as:” option. Use the drop-down menu to select either your “Full name,” “Account name,” or an “Icon.”

Users and Groups

3. The Fast User Switching menu will now be added to your Mac. You must tap on it and select the “Login window” option to lock your Mac.

5. Keychain Access

Head on to Finder> Applications> Utilities. Select “Keychain Access.” Tap on the Keychain Access menu and select “Preferences.”


Check on the “Show Keychain status in the menu bar” option. Once you enable this option, you will see a lock on the Finder. You can tap on it and select the “Lock Screen” option to lock your device immediately.

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So, fellas, here are the 5 unique ways to lock a Mac screen. Locking your Mac is not as challenging as you think. You can use any of the above-listed methods to get the job done. Do let us know which method you prefer to lock your Mac. Feel free to share your tips in the comments box.

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