Quick Comparison – Disk Clean Pro Vs. OnyX

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When it comes to disk cleaning tools for Mac, there are plenty of them. And with this, the question, which is the best Mac cleaner software, always comes up. As a free disk cleaning tool for Mac, OnyX has already made its name, but it’s not suitable for all. Hence, looking at this and the demand for junk cleaning tools for Mac, Systweak developed Disk Clean Pro. This amazing Mac optimization and cleanup software works wonders.

To explain this better and to make you understand how both Disk Clean Pro and OnyX differ, here’s a quick comparison.

Disk Clean Pro Vs OnyX – Which is the Best Mac Cleaner

Comparison Table of Disk Clean Pro Vs OnyX

Main Features Disk Clean Pro OnyX
Logo diskcleanpro onyx
Rating 4.5/5 4/5
Visit  Visit Site Visit Site
Download link Download Download
System Cleanup right right
Cleanup Customization right right
Trash Cleanup right right
Browser Cleanup right right
Duplicate Cleanup right wrong
Language Removal wrong wrong
Cache Cleanup right right
Old Download Cleanup right wrong
Partial Download Cleanup right wrong
Log Cleanup right right




Disk Clean Pro OnyX
Uninstaller wrong wrong
Shredder wrong right
Startup Optimizer right wrong
Storage Optimizer right wrong
Privacy Protection right wrong
iTunes Cleaner right wrong
Mail Optimization right right
Price $23.99 Free
Free Trial wrong right
Money-Back Guarantee N/A N/A
Customer Support
24/7 wrong wrong
Email right right
Live Chat wrong wrong
On-Call wrong wrong
Remote Desktop right wrong
Twitter right wrong
Facebook right wrong

Disk Clean Pro

Offered by Systweak, Disk Clean Pro is the best Mac Cleaner available on the Mac App Store for $23.99. As the name explains, this disk clean software for Mac offers various features that help users optimize and clean Mac. Using it, you can keep an eye on Mac’s storage and the app’s functionality. Not only this, the tool allows you to identify and clean duplicates, a feature not available in OnyX.

There’s nothing you can’t do with Disk Clean Pro. With a new GUI, using this Mac cleaner software becomes super simple. To use it you need to install, launch, run a scan and leave everything on Disk Clean Pro. Once the scan is finished, it will show results in the window allowing the user to customize which files they want to clear. Moreover, based on the type of cleaning, each module is categorized.

Disk Clean Pro - One time click

Download Disk Clean Pro From Here

Since this app is available on the Mac App Store, you can trust it. This also means the product is thoroughly tested, and it doesn’t harm your Mac. To save space, the software offers modules like duplicate finder, old & unused files, large file cleaner, old downloads, etc. Using any of its features, you can clean up, optimize, and recover storage space.


  • One-click optimizer
  • Duplicate finder and remover
  • Complete browser security
  • iTunes junk remover
  • Mail attachment remover
  • Large, old, and partial download cleaner


● Easy to use interface
● Complete Mac cleanup and
● optimization tool
● Helps recover storage space
● Duplicate file finder and removal
● Keeps accurate cleaning logs
● Allows customizing scan results
● Mac runs faster in just one click


● Does not offer malware protection feature

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As a free disk cleaner for Mac, this cleaning software is top-rated. But for a novice, using it becomes a tedious job. Although packed with powerful features, this junk cleaner doesn’t offer ease of use. Not only this, after running the scan and cleaning errors, the program doesn’t show the amount of storage space recovered.

Besides this, OnyX provides various other helpful features that help verify the structure of file systems, run maintenance scripts and more.


Download OnyX From Here


This is what makes OnyX storage cleaner appealing to the users. Each module of OnyX is divided into categories and nicely listed. You can check to uncheck the Tasks, you wish to perform or can restore to defaults. All this makes OnyX a great Mac cleaner software. But one thing where it lacks is usability. Like Disk Clean Pro, it is not user friendly and as it is said too many cooks spoil the broth. Same is the case with OnyX, as it offers a lot of features, not all can understand their use. Hence if you are looking for a simple to use disk cleaner for Mac, nothing can be better than Disk Clean Pro.

This junk cleaner knows exactly what the user wants.


  • Access hidden services and system files
  • Trash cleaner
  • Run maintenance scripts
  • System cache cleaner
  • Scheduler to perform routine tasks
  • Indexes Spotlight


● Free Mac cleaning tool
● Offers manual database and script running tools
● Feature-packed powerful cleaner to remove trash, cache and even manage fonts
● Offers screen sharing
● A detailed list of identified malware


● No information provided about reclaimed disk space
● Lacks the option to preview files before deleting
● For every MacOS a specific version of OnyX needs to be downloaded

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With this, we come to the end of the quick comparison between Disk Clean Pro and OnyX. This choice of which is the best Mac cleaner depends on personal needs and the user’s level. If you are looking for an app that can do the following:

  • Take care of duplicates
  • Optimize Mac
  • Clean junk data
  • Delete cache
  • Unwanted log files
  • Old & partial downloads

Keep your privacy intact and do a lot more, then nothing can be better than Disk Clean Pro.  This Mac cleaning software is excellent, and in just one click, it does all the job.

However, if you are looking for some advanced features like access to hidden files, shredding trash, indexing Spotlight, and other complex tasks, OnyX disk cleaner is the right choice.

In the end will say, it’s up to you which software you choose, but whichever you pick don’t just look at the money factor. You should see the feasibility and options it offers so that you can clean and optimize your Mac.

FAQs: Disk Clean Pro Vs. OnyX

What is the best disk cleaner for Mac?

Undoubtedly, Disk Clean Pro takes the first place as a complete Mac cleaning suite and best Mac cleaner. Both novice and advanced users can use it without any problem. Also, the price ($23.99) for which it is offered is pocket friendly.

What is the best free cleaner for Mac?

Here, OnyX is the winner as a best free cleaner for Mac. The only thing that makes it less likeable is how complex it can be to use. This Mac storage cleaner works wonders, but only those who know how to do it can take full advantage.

Is Disk Clean Pro safe?

Yes, it is entirely safe to use Disk Clean Pro. The tool is thoroughly tested and is available on the Mac App Store for download. Using this Mac cleaning software, you can optimize the performance of your Mac and can recover hard disk space.

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