5 Best Note – Taking Apps For Mac In 2024 To Boost Productivity & Creativity

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5 Best Note Taking Apps For Mac In 2023

Taking notes on a Mac is a crucial method to capture thoughts, organize ideas, and keep track of key information. The right note-taking app for Mac can make you more productive and efficient. With so many options to choose from, the question arises: which apps are the best in 2024?

Whether you’re a student, a professional, or simply someone who enjoys organizing thoughts, these five note-taking apps stand out for their innovation, usability, and versatility on the Mac platform. Let’s explore the top contenders that are shaping the landscape of note-taking in 2024.

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5 Best Notes Apps for Mac For Streamlined Management (2024 Edition)

We’ve researched and curated the 5 best note-taking apps for Mac to help you jot down important points, ideas, and other data effectively and efficiently. take notes better this year.

1 BearBear

Bear is a popular Mac notes app that has received praise for its clean &      flexible interface. It uses Markdown syntax which makes it great for creating formatted notes with headers, and lists, and highlighting important information without clutter.

The features that make Bear one of the best note-taking apps for Mac include:

  • A simple, minimalist interface that lets you focus on writing.
  • Easy tagging system to organize notes.
  • Fast search to quickly find notes.
  • Custom themes for personalization.
  • Ability to add photos, links, code snippets, and more into notes.
  • Powerful export options including PDF, HTML, Word, and more.
  • Secure encryption for protecting sensitive notes.
  • Seamless sync between Apple devices with iCloud.

Bear lets you organize notes cleanly within nested notebook groups. From jotting down quick thoughts to putting together extensive documents, Bear is an excellent free choice, known for its smooth writing experience across Macs, iPhones, and iPads. The premium subscription provides additional power user features. As an overall package, Bear shines as a top Mac notes app.

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Apple Notes

Apple Notes

Apple Notes is a built-in free note-taking app on Mac and iOS devices. One of the most significant advantages of Apple Notes is its flawless integration across Apple devices. For its solid convenience, rich media support & excellent markup & sketching functionalities, Apple Notes is considered a top choice, especially if you use an iPhone or iPad.

Core features of Apple Notes that make it one of the best Mac note-taking apps include:

  • Easy-to-use interface if you’re familiar with Apple productivity apps.
  • Create formatted notes with checklists, headers, bold, italics, and more.
  • Organize notes into folders or smart groups with tags.
  • Access and search notes quickly across Apple devices.
  • Lock specific personal or confidential notes.
  • Scan documents directly into the Notes app.
  • Draw quick sketches to add illustrations to notes.
  • Share notes easily with shareable links or iCloud access.

While more advanced users may want additional capabilities, Apple Notes hits the core essentials in an intuitive format for most users’ basic note-taking needs. It will satisfy the need for simple note-taking and organization across your Apple devices.



The notion takes a unique all-in-one approach, combining the capabilities to jot down notes and create tasks and databases to store and customize information with various filters & sorting options. It even offers the ability to create interconnected pages with its standout wiki     feature. For power users, Notion offers one of the most versatile note experiences on Mac.

Key Notion features include:

  • Flexible “build your own workspace” system.
  • Notes, tasks, wikis, and databases in one interconnected format.
  • Deep customization and templates for almost any use case.
  • Excellent collaboration features for teams.
  • Great integrations with Google apps, Trello, Figma, Slack and more.
  • Works great across operating systems (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android).

Notion takes some time to learn and understand its unique system. However, once mastered     , few apps match its versatility and ability to create streamlined systems custom-designed by you. Notion can replace the need for using separate note apps, project boards, calendars, and more, as it consolidates everything into interconnected all-in-one workspaces.

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4 Evernote


Here comes the next pick on our list of best note-taking apps for Mac. Evernote pioneered the note-taking app space. Although many alternatives have arrived over the years, Evernote remains a great choice in 2024 for robust note experiences across devices. All thanks to its user-friendly interface, rich media support, and extensive collaboration features.

Key Evernote features that make it one of our top Mac note-taking apps are:

  • Clipping web pages and articles into notes.
  • Powerful formatting options for rich note creation.
  • Extensive tagging for easy organization.
  • Image recognition search helps easily find notes.
  • Notes and notebooks can be securely shared.
  • To-do style tagging for task management.
  • Integrates with a range of great 3rd party apps.
  • Available across all device platforms.

The sheer breadth, depth, and cross-platform availability of Evernote keep it a must-consider option for your Mac note-taking needs. The free tier provides solid feature access while reasonably priced subscriptions provide the full power. From basic checklists to clipping web research to long-form journaling, Evernote delivers a lot of versatility.



OneNote by Microsoft offers another excellent cross-device notes app for 2024. As part of the Microsoft 365 bundle, it offers effortless Windows-Mac alignment for workspace collaboration. The application supports flexible note-taking with features like text, images, audio recordings, and sketches. Users can structure their notes in a way that suits their preferences.

Useful OneNote features that earned its spot as a top Mac Note app choice are:

  • Superb tables tool for neatly organized notes
  • Recording audio notes to capture meetings etc
  • Handwriting recognition with Apple Pencil/touch input
  • Embed files and documents into notes
  • Live collaboration for teams
  • Tight integration with Word, Outlook, Teams and more
  • Works nicely across iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows

For basic bullet-style text notes, OneNote doesn’t stand out over simpler apps like Bear. Its strengths lie more in rich long-form note-taking, meetings/audio notes, and seamless communication within Microsoft’s ecosystem. For enterprises already using Microsoft 365 tools, adopting OneNote for notes ensures great connected team collaboration.

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Note-taking remains an essential activity for productivity, research, and learning – especially for college students and knowledge workers. For macOS, many great dedicated best note-taking apps for Mac that cater to wide-ranging use cases during 2023.

Any of these five top options are great choices for note-taking on a Mac. Consider your style – structured versus freeform, individual versus collaboration, basic versus advanced – to decide the best notes app to meet your needs. With the right tool, you’ll be taking productive notes across your Apple devices in no time!

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